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Packet and Parcel Solutions

The power of consumer choice is such that it can't be ignored but traditional parcel supply chains may rely on a uniform approach producing a predictable, standard delivery. How we meet the individual needs of each consumer, delivery by delivery is THE challenge for the industry.

There are at least two pieces of research that you really should read that will tell what the customer wants and what the market currently supplies. You can entracts of these and othger useful reports by emailing

  • The IMRG Consumer Delivery Review - This will tell you what online shoppers expect from delivery.
  • The IMRG Collect+ Click & Collect Review 

To give the shopper more choice we are seeing an increase in the number of 'alternative address' and 'safe place' delivery solutions such as those offered by Collect+, UPS Access Points, ByBox etc.

Increasingly important in all of this is the provision of information, especially to online shoppers, to help them to select the right service option initially and then provide updates on the progress of their order right through to delivery. The implications of failing to meet shoppers expectations are examined further in our Market Information section on Online Retailing.

Spiral4 tracks these developments closely and works on some of these solutions.

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